8 Rappers Who Are Still Beliebers


Let’s face it: Justin Bieber’s crazy publicity and crazier public misbehavior has been turning some followers away. Still, there are members of the rap game who are staying supportive, or at the least turning a blind eye to Biebs’ bad-boy persona. Most recently, YMCMB President Mack Maine balled with Justin on what happened to be the morning of his recent arrest, giving the impression that Mack is a supporter of Justin’s work. The two also took a picture in the studio after a recent YMCMB collaboration. Here, 8 other hip-hop names who are keeping their faith in Justin.

1. Birdman
The Five Star general recently showed his devotion to the Belieber cause by casually giving Justin a Bugatti after a YMCMB collabo. If that’s not Beliebing, we don’t know what is.

2. Rick Ross
The Bawse has been spotted partying with Justin Bieber in the ATL, which makes it seem like the two know how to have fun. Not to mention that Ross dropped a reference to Justin in his song, “Believe It”: “I got that Justin Bieber, please believe it,” which may have some other meanings but at face value it’s clear that Rozay believes.

3. Diddy
Choosing to party with the paparazzi’s favorite baby face looks like a supportive move from the OG mogul. Check out these pics of the duo and their dazed crew in the club.

4. Future
Future worked with Justin on a track off his Journals album titled (in 2014 for some reason), “What’s Hatnin.” What’s more supportive than a collaboration?


Photo Credit: Instagram/justinbieber