App of the Week: Black Emojis Have Arrived!




Ask and you shall receive.

Months ago, Apple promised us more ethnically diverse emojis; unfortunately, it looks like someone beat them to it. Oju Africa–an entity within African mobile company Mi-Fone–recently unveiled a 15-piece emoji collection of their own.

“We follow global trends but we are differentiated by our authentic African voice. So as a brand we wanted to do something that only Africa could pull off, something that could become so iconic that it would have the world talking. I believe what we have created will ensure that every African on the planet won’t be able to help but love it!, says Creative Director Eserick Fouche to International Business Times. 

As of now, Android users can download the “Oju Emoticon App” in Play Store. It has a TBD iOS release.

Vixens–are you making space on your smartphone for these?