Artist to Watch: ZHU, A Leader Of The New Wave


The man who lives behind letting the music speak for itself.

Think Disclosure meets The Weeknd with a spritz of some Dusky vibes and Frank Ocean… yeah that’s where the music Gods have blessed us with ZHU. The new music phenomenon that seemingly came out of nowhere yet sparked conversation amongst the biggest media outlets because of his OutKast tribute- ‘Moves Like Ms. Jackson’, is setting the bar high for up-and-comers with his own moves that spread like wild-fire.

Aside from Beyoncé’s strategic and perfectly planned ‘no PR stunt, PR stunt’- ZHU rides it out even better for the newbies. Great talent like his rarely comes out of nowhere and get’s traction so quick but the dude is practically making the media his bitch with his visual identity completely anonymous to the public. And we are all in awe… has he cracked the code? Is he the new face of what the music industry needs? Precisely. Someone who isn’t some saturated, hype-d up artist and is simply letting the music speak for itself.

Having just released a debut EP within weeks of teasing aside tracks such as his OutKast cover, ‘Paradise Awaits’, ‘Superfriends’, and ‘Faded’- ZHU stupefies with the rest, undeniably keeping his audience hypnotized to the ecstasy of his sound. VIBE’s personal favorite, ‘Cocaine Model’ (below) prevails with its deep kick drum and addicting lyrics. ZHU’s vocals compel on top of house-y beats to bring a heap of harmony and soulfulness that’s purely apparent. If there’s one thing you should know- it’s to not sleep on ZHU, undoubtedly a leader of a new wave.

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