Artwork: Young Money Yawn Feat. Pusha T ‘Shout Out To Papi’


Coming straight out of Tidewater, Virginia, Young Money Yawn is helping carry on the legacy that the Clipse built. A Re-Up Gang affiliate, but an MC all of his own, the young spitta represents for the hood. Straight up. There’s nothing to sugar coat here, Yawn is from the same circle of hustlers that Pusha and Malice rapped about since Lord Willin’. After creating a buzz in V.A. all on his lonesome, Yawn has finally found the right moment to unleash his first collaboration with the big homie. Stay tuned!

MissInfo.TV: Tell us about your long standing relationship with Pusha T. Clipse fans will know that you been in their videos since the beginning.
Yawn: My relationship with Pusha goes back over 13 years ago. We met when I was still in middle school. Honestly, we had a real friendship before rap. A lot of our mutual friends were locked up and because of that we bonded. I remember one time he left his passport in Miami when he was on the way Paris to work with Kanye and Ross. He called me over everybody else to fly all they way out there just to give him his passport. That’s the type of relationship we have. The reason why you always seen me in the videos is because I was asked to be. He just wanted me to be apart of his movement on screen and off.

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