Behind The Scenes: Young Thug ‘Stoner’ Video Shoot


REVOLT caught up with Young Thug on the set of his upcoming “Stoner” video, where they spoke to the Rich Gang rapper about the ode-to-getting-high single’s success.

“I knew the record was gonna get this big first because of the name of the record,” he said. “Then a lot of people are stoners for real though. They kind of scared. I ain’t scared, i already knew it was gonna do way more numbers than everybody else probably though it was gonna do. But they ain’t stoners, they slow to it. They just starting to get high.”

Boasting cameos from bossman Birdman, Migos and D4L’s Fabo (who is mentioned on the track), Young Thug’s video set featured some green screen action and a graffiti-ridden trap house equipped with air fresheners.

Check out behind-the-scenes footage of Young Thug’s “Stoner” video above.