Beyoncé Hit With Lawsuit By Fans Trampled Over Before Chicago Show


Beyoncé may have to bow down and pay up. Concertgoers Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson are hitting Mrs. Carter with a lawsuit after sustaining some injuries and broken bones at a show last December

They purchased general admission tickets to her Bey’s world tour and arrived hours in advance to wait outside of Chicago’s United Center in hopes that they’d get close to the stage.

However, their patience wore out when a stampede of waiting fans ran them over, leaving them unconscious with broken bones and other injuries, according to a lawsuit they filed.

They also said venue personnel did not set up proper procedure for entering the arena.

“As the hours passed, the group became larger, more dense and more anxious about how, when and where the gate(s) would be released and where ticket holders and fans were supposed to enter The United Center — none of which was explained,” the suit reads.

Unfortunately for the two Bey stans, they had to be rushed to the hospital and missed the show.

Davidson and Castellanos are reportedly suing her for an undisclosed amount in damages.

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