Cam’Ron And Nick Cannon Playfully Go At It On Instagram


Many people probably had opinions on Nick Cannon’s bleached and spotted dye job, but Cam’Ron made sure his voice was heard on the matter. Cannon’s White People Party Music-themed hair do drove him to call for an emergency removal of Cannon from the black race.

Nick had a lighthearted rebuttal for the Instagram roast: “#Wildnout I love this sh!t #SuperFresh #ncredible”

It didn’t end there. In Killa Cam’s next post, Mariah Carey got involved…: “Thx nick!! I’m glad da whole family digs my aura.. Lol”

*Cue the sideline instigators.* But regardless of the jab, Nick seems relatively unbothered, posting a closeup of his ‘do with the caption, “I was on my ZooLander Sh!t #BlueSteel They can’t Stop Me! Individuals do what we want… Haters do what they can.”