Cam’Ron To Drop A New EP Every Month


The details of Cam’Ron’s upcoming The First Of The Month have been continuously developing, and now in his cover story with Mass Appeal, the rapper reveals that the film series will also be accompanied with a new EP each month.

“I’ve been working on this thing called ‘The First of the Month,’” he said. “I’m putting out an EP every month with a 30-minute episode so you’re not waiting a year or more for the next album.”

Sharing that each 30 minute episode will be sort of mini versions to his Killa Season film, Cam said that the breakdown will keep fans waiting for more new material as opposed to doing a single project. Cam also spoke with Mass Appeal about his cape line, and the motivation behind his adoption of the style.

“I didn’t put capes on so everybody can be wearin’ capes, I’m wearin’ capes so I don’t have to be lookin’ like everybody. But if it turns into a business, we’ll see what happens.”

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