Celeb Bad Boys We Can’t Help But Love



Fame isn’t all privilege and paparazzi. Being a popular pro comes with its own set of cons— consider the raunchy rumors, scandals, and social media drama. While it’s understandable that even the most respected stars will have their names slandered at least once in their career, there’s are those who seem to thrive on constant negative pander. As fans, we find ourselves attracted to the debonaire delinquents who steal our hearts despite (or because of?) their bad reps and rap sheets. With Columbus Short officially  joining the Bad Boys Club, take a look at some of his fellow inductees.

Columbus Short

This gladiator just can’t keep his hands to himself. With his real life drama starting to catch up to him, alter ego, Harrison, may be more than a fictional character. Though his latest bar brawl will cost him a pretty penny, w can’t help but heart the sexy Scandal star.

All Photos Credit: Getty