Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Caught in Racist Rant, Twitter Reacts


Twitter has made it abundantly clear that this situation is imperative to our place in society as #DonaldSterling has been a trending topic for the past two days. Users have called for the Clippers to boycott tonight’s game and for Sterling’s immediate resignation. Magic Johnson took to Twitter saying “LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s comments about African Americans are a black eye for the NBA.” Johnson also promises that he will not attend another Clippers game as long as Sterling is the owner.

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers has stated that the team will play as the playoffs is their focus and their way of combatting this issue is by standing together as a team. But when will self-respect and respect for those affected by such racism trump a basketball game?

America loves to remind us that racism and slavery are things of the past. But are they really? Sterling sits in a position of power not only above his White colleagues but more importantly above his Black team members. Members of which he owns and thrives from.

He sleeps with a half Black/half Mexican woman and has no problem rubbing elbows with the African American elite, but refuses to “promote” his associations on social media. His “loyal” players find it more important to give their fans a championship than to take a stance and be the example our Black and Latino children need.

So Vixens, what are your thoughts on this controversial matter? Let us know in our comments section. Flip through to see what Twitter had to say.