The Wins And Fails Of Coachella 2014 (So Far)


Is Coachella trying to snatch the surprise-cameo record from Summer Jam? So far, Jay Z, Beyonce and Drake have all been among the un-scheduled guests who’ve touched the Coachella stage in the festival’s first weekend. Below, the highlights and lowlights of the 2014 sets so far.


Beyonce joyously two-stepping with Solange on stage Outkast finally reuniting Pharrell performing his deep catalogue of hits The Kings of New York Nas and Jay Z hitting the stage together Beyonce and Jay Z (in a blood-red bandana) looking cute and rich

Tyler The Creator crashing Pharrell’s set Chance The Rapper x Justin Bieber Leonardo DiCaprio letting loose and getting it IN


The crowd’s tepid, turned-down reaction during Outkast’s set (Andre 3000: “Do we have any lovers in the house? I know we got some haters. Y’all stick out real strong.”) Nas forgetting the lyrics to “One Mic”… again

Future’s interruption cameo during Outkast’s performance Kid Cudi’s belly button-bearing crop top