Columbus Short’s Bar Brawl Victim Doesn’t Want To Press Charges


Remember the guy that Scandal actor Columbus Short gave a fade to at a bar? Well, it looks like the victim is punking out and is refusing to press charges on the gladiator.

As reported by TMZ:

“The victim’s lawyer tells TMZ, he’s been in contact with Columbus’ management to come to some sort of settlement without involving police. We’re told the victim has made it clear to investigators he doesn’t want the case pursued criminally. The reason … the lawyer tells us both men are tight with the same people — the alleged fight went down at a family member’s engagement party — so the victim wants to resolve this as amicably as possible. If they end up settling, Short could end up paying a boatload in medical expenses — we’re told the victim suffered a facial fracture and a massive concussion from Short’s punch, as well as serious neck and back injuries.”

Last month at an engagement party, Short allegedly punched a guy that made inappropriate comments about his wife, which left the victim with a concussion and a broken nose. Short later turned himself in on one count of felony aggravated battery.

Even though the victim wants to settle quietly, Short isn’t completely out the woods just yet. Authorities can press charges against the actor turned aspiring singer, and a criminal case can still take place.

Photo Credit: hiphollywood