Dame Dash Speaks On Lack Of Support For Roc-A-Fella Cofounder Biggs


Three men started the Roc-A-Fella empire: Jay Z, Dame Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke. Known as the silent partner in the crew, Biggs quietly played the background while helping maneuver on the business end and was a visible force on the music side when the Roc was still functioning with the trio at the wheel.

As we know, the original Roc label eventually dissolved and the former partners went on their separate ways. However, things took an unexpected turn for Kareem when he was found guilty of Marijuana distribution charges in 2012. He was subsequently hit with prison time and Dame feels that the people that Biggs helped in the past have turned their back in the man.

“I really saw him bid with people,” Dash said on MTV RapFix. “I’ve seen him help people through really rough times, and those same exact people are not stepping up. They’re expecting him to ask and I don’t think that that’s alright.”

Dame also shot down rumors that he was directly talking about Jay Z’s lack of support.

“It doesn’t matter what people think. I don’t project for that, I just project,” Dash explained. “If I have an issue with Jay, I’ll step to Jay about it. But my point is overall, it ain’t Jay; it’s a lot of people that I saw him look out for.”

via Hip-Hop Wired