Diamond Supply To Launch Premium Vodka


King of streetwear Diamond Supply co. is diving head first in the alcohol industry. Co-founder and owner Nicky Diamonds recently revealed his new venture on Instagram.

Apparently, Nick has been giving away samples of the new premium V.V.S. Vodka to close friends and colleagues. Diamond has over 10 years of experience in the skate/streetwear game and plans to continue expanding its enterprise.

“Can’t wait to launch our new premium V.V.S. Vodka soon that I have been giving out to my friends at Coachella to try,” Nicky wrote on Twitter. “Distilled 6 times & 3 times filtered to guarantee its mild taste. Produced in Bulgaria from 100% pure grain spirit & Spring water. #diamondlife#premium #Vodka.”

via Complex by way of Nicky Diamonds’ Instagram

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