Digital Dish: Tahiry Jose Talks Ex Boyfriends and Being Naked


Tahiry Digital Dish 4

Love & Hip Hop vet Tahiry Jose is popping up everywhere these days—from our Twitter timeline to our TV. The curvy multimedia mogul is taking over the social stratosphere, building an empire of her own and investing in more important things—her dreams.

Dabbling in all things sexy, the famed model talks about taking her talents to the next level by promising more “ratchetness” on the next Love & Hip Hop season, the launch of her nail polish line with Color Club, the success of her 2014 calendar Intimacy and how much Team Tahiry means to her. 

The fearless reality star got up with Vixen for some girl talk and paw pampering. For our latest edition of Digital Dish, Budden’s ex explicitly shares her personal issues and reveals how her mistakes have only made her stronger, proving how helpful a thick skin can be in the entertainment industry. She certainly exudes strength and perseverance—and an admirable ability to dodge drama.