Digital Dish: Tahiry Jose Talks Ex Boyfriends and Being Naked


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Vixen: What made you want to do the calendar? 

Tahiry: My fans. My supporters. “Team Tahiry” is what I like to call them. I had my first calendar released in 2011. It was called “The Wet Edition,” shot out in St. Lucia. The plan wasn’t to be on TV, but it kind of was, maybe subconsciously. Once all this started, I always dreamt of having my own calendar, being seen on covers, even doing playboy. So in 2011, I took it upon myself to give my fans something else. Calendar’s have been done before, but when I first got started I got pretty hot really quickly.On the internet, social media was just starting to really take over, so I figured why not sell my images.

To keep it real, these magazines say that it’s a platform for us or a way of branding, but they’re really pimping us. You get on a cover—not even on a cover—sometimes you just get a spread. Back then they would pay you, but now-a-days you have a lot of people wanting to be famous and doing it for pennies, so the industry has gotten saturated. I realized really quickly that as much as it was kind of helping me, they were pretty much selling my images and I wasn’t seeing any money. So I’m always thinking about how to make a dollar and I was like “shit, I can pimp myself.” I decided to invest. I took my savings at the time and I decided to come out with the calendar in 2011. It had a great response. I was still behind the bar, so I would sell it outside at like 5 o’clock in the morning out the trunk of my car or behind the bar and after a while I was running around with them in boxes…like straight like I was selling a mixtape. Doing that, I got great responses and I learned a lot, so I said why not do another one?


Vixen: Why did you skip a year?

Tahiry: When 2013 came, I was in higher demand and my schedule also did not allow me to do it. I skipped 2013 and a lot of people were disappointed, so even me being busier this time, I was looking forward to giving my fans what they wanted. It took longer than expected, but I’m a perfectionist. I love showing off my body, I don’t care if I’m fifty, if I look good and it’s mine why not? I still run around the house naked. It took long because I was trying to get it right.

I did it in New York and it was an amazing experience. It’s the more mature me, it’s kind of artsy. Art is in now and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon. To me, it wasn’t about jumping on the bandwagon. To me, it was about telling a story and how I’m growing as a woman. Cheeks are cool, but how many times am I going to wear a thong and turn around. So I decided to add something deep and romantic and personal. That’s why we brought intimacy. It’s pretty special because I realized that I’m in every jail cell.


Vixen: How many have you sold?

Tahiry: We’re still counting. The pre orders have done really well, but I haven’t checked the numbers yet. I’m not pressed because I know I always do well.