Digital Dish: Tahiry Jose Talks Ex Boyfriends and Being Naked


Tahiry Digital Dish4

Vixen: How do you deal with being naked in front of the camera?

Tahiry: This calendar took me nine hours; my first calendar took me three days. You get better with time. I work better with a photographer that gives me direction. A good photographer will take 300 snaps, but they’ll tell you when to move. A good photographer is not going to put out something that’s going to make them look bad. They know that you’re a reflection of each other. I’m usually surprised when I see my face, but sometimes it just clicks.


Vixen: Which avenue that you have partaken in has been the most challenging? Which is the most rewarding?

Tahiry: The most challenging would be me being part owner of the nightclub “Suite 135″ in Harlem. I’m going through 90-day boot camp of being an owner. I’ve been in the industry for 10 years as a waitress, hostess and bartender; I did almost every part except for owning an actual establishment. That opportunity presented itself like nine months ago and I was scared as shit. The responsibilities are different. Before, you’d walk in, you’d work and you’d leave with money regardless of the circumstances. As an owner, now that becomes your responsibility. I’m glad I have a partner who’s a great general manager. Now it’s just getting the venue up and running, making sure the bills get paid and making sure everybody’s doing what they got to do. When you attach a figure or someone who’s in the public eye to a venue, it’s harder. They don’t see the hard work you put into it. I get up every day to make sure things are going right. None the less, it’s a blessing and I’d do it again.

The most rewarding is the fact that I have a huge support system. I love my fans. I get to show every kid in Harlem that I’m a product of my environment and I made it out the hood. Every day I wake up and strive to do better and be some kind of a role model. It’s good and bad because it weighs heavy, we all make mistakes.