Digital Dish: Tahiry Jose Talks Ex Boyfriends and Being Naked


Tahiry Digital Dish3

Vixen: How do you deal with social media negativity?

Tahiry: I don’t have a Google alert. I’m not trying to go through central booking. I’m fully aware of what happens online. I’ve had really nasty things said about me. I see things differently now that I have experienced reality TV and my fan base is growing. The industry forces you to grow this thick skin really quickly. I’ve been pretty blessed. Most of the women in this industry will be lucky if they’re around for two years before there’s a new chick coming out with bionic booty. I also come from Joe Budden school. He taught me a lot and we’ve been through a lot. He taught me that you have to not care and that this shit is going to come with it.

In the beginning, I remember being in bed for weeks straight, depressed and not understanding. Now, when I’m having a bad day, I’ll just answer. I’ll hit hit up whoever like, “ya mother” or curse them out really quick. Sometimes when I’m bored, I’ll delete some comments. I try not to entertain because why would you feed a monster. The fan wanted your attention and once you pay attention, it just gets worse. At the end of the day I really have to remember that they don’t know me. People have this preconceived notion of who you are before they shake your hand, so you’re already losing from the beginning. I just surround myself with my team.


Vixen: What’s the craziest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?

Tahiry: From my body parts being fake to me being sick to me living in other peoples’ houses to Joey spending the night, but I’m on a date.