Digital Dish: Tahiry Jose Talks Ex Boyfriends and Being Naked


Tahiry Digital Dish 9

Vixen: What’s an ungoogleable fact about you?

 Tahiry: I sleep with Vix every night. My mom used to do it to us when we were kids. My mom would do it when she was sick and it’s something I do now. My sister does it. Joey would say, “nobody wants to sleep with a grandma.” Now he walks around with Vix in his pocket. I don’t know. I can’t think of anything else. I really just don’t care. I am who I am.


Vixen: Do you wish that your relationship with Joe wasn’t as public?

Tahiry: No, Joey and I were supposed to be public. He raps about it, he tweets about it. It is what it is when it comes to Joe. It didn’t damage what we had, Joey damaged what we had. Do I in the future plan on keeping my relationships private? I would love to find someone that would love to be public with me, but not a lot of men enjoy that hype or they’re  not secure enough. Even within celebrities. Not a lot of men can deal with the slack that comes with it. Today, it has to be a thirsty guy who wants attention or someone that you have history with. Just because you went to dinner or hung out with someone a few times doesn’t mean you’re sleeping with them. I’d rather get to know someone and take my time so I know it’s real. If it’s worth it, I’m cuffing on that red carpet!