Digital Dish: Tahiry Jose Talks Ex Boyfriends and Being Naked


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Vixen: Does it bother you that you always get asked questions about Joe?

Tahiry: No, I can never get mad at my past. As much as he tries to say he made me, I can say that I gave him another life. He was dead before me. I think we did a lot for each other. I was already playing with the idea to be on TV, but I was too shy. When I met Joey I told him that Juelz wanted me to be in a video. There were definitely times where I played with it.

I can’t be mad about my past though. Joey and I were magical. It just worked. I never knew, until we broke up, that people would actually sit and wait for the next episode to watch us. I just wish he would’ve gotten it together in time because we definitely would have rocked out together.


Vixen: If you guys would have been in the prime of your relationship when he proposed would it have been different?

Tahiry: What? I would have definitely married that man. Y’all would’ve seen me on TV getting dresses and planning baby showers. We would’ve did everything. That was the plan; at least that was my plan. I mean we were magical. From the realness of the industry to what he really went through to what I went through. I wanted the world to see it all; when I was wearing poom-poom shorts and fish net stockings with the ten dollar pony tail.


Vixen: Do you think that girls shouldn’t get tattoos of a man’s name on them?

 Tahiry: I tried rubbing mine off, it didn’t work. I’m impulsive like that. When I love; I love hard. Am I ever going to get another tattoo? I would say no. I’m so expressive and I love hard, so I would say do what you want to do. Just get it somewhere you can add something or cover it if a guy plays himself. Do whatever you feel. I got the tattoo and two days later we broke up, but we were crazy like that.