Drake’s Raptors Fandom Persists, Despite Their Game 3 Loss


Drake may just make headlines after every Toronto Raptors playoff game, seeing as how he takes his role very seriously. The Global Ambassador did not make his way to Brooklyn last night as his team faced the Nets for Game 3 of the NBA Playoff’s first round, but he did take to Instagram to show his support.

Hours before the game, Drizzy employed his best Caribbean accent to talk a bit of smack:

He then headed to the Air Canada Centre to commune with his fellow 416 representers to watch the game outside the arena. And after the Raptors went down to 2-1 in the series following their 98-102 loss, Drake was still down to ride:

The Raptors will play the Nets again tomorrow night in Brooklyn as they look to tie the series. We’re sure Drake will tune in, minus the fondue plate.