Dymes Only: Meet The Women Behind The Statement Making Brand



First, how did you guys become friends?

Sakara: We knew each other [Shia and Sakara] from our families early on when we were in the second or third grade. Our family members met at a garage sale and then they brought us to a mutual fish fry and they were like, “you two are going to be friends.” It really wasn’t forceful– we just became friends. Lisa was from middle school and just around the neighborhood. The younger crew which included me and Shia, we joined forces with the older crew, which included Lisa.

If your group were a movie, would you be a Clueless, Mean Girls or Sex and the City (for the younger generation)?

All: I think we’re all three and Spice Girls.

Lisa: I feel like we were goofy so we weren’t mean enough to be mean girls but we had to be mean at a certain point. Other girls would bully us because we were a crew.

Shia: People picked at us because you’re always going to try and pick at a force that was untouchable.

Fast forward, what made you guys turn this into a brand?

Shia: When were kids, we had a group called the Presidential Dymes and they would call us the PDees for short. We would throw parties and events around the city. We also did a lot of different charity events and concerts. You can go back 8 or 9 years on YouTube and Google PDees or P DeeTV and see us way back then. We would interview artists, but that’s the proof that we’ve been doing this for a really long time. We built this brand and anybody that knows us, knows us because they’ve been seeing us and they respect us.  We had a following with the brand, Presidential Dymes and when we started the radio show; we needed something to promote but translate into something else outside of the PDees.

So how did that translate into Dymes, the clothing line?

Shia: It kind of happened. It wasn’t like we woke up and said “oh we want to be fashion designers.” We’ve always had style; we always knew how to dress people knew us for the things that we have. Whether it be our cars, shoes, bags; we were a brand before we knew we were a brand. So for this, it translated now to what you know as Dymes Only. It’s effortless, not forced.

What does the Arabic mean?

We want to tie in other women from other cultures into Dymes Only. Because it’s a more urban streetwear brand, we want to tie in other cultures. We want to use Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish Japanese, and all these different languages to connect with other women around the world.

Photo: Jasmine Gonzalez
Shia & Lisa Make Up: Jennifer Ashley
Sakara Make Up: Nikkie
Stylist: Sankara McCain
Hair:  Teri Ann Paris

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