Dymes Only: Meet The Women Behind The Statement Making Brand



Explain each of your titles.

Lisa: I play the creative director; come up with the ideas and set up the tone for the brand.

Sakara: I deal with product placement.

Shia: I’m more of the face of the brand and I deal with the marketing aspect.

What makes your brand stand out?

Shia: I feel there isn’t any competition with our brand because we are authentic. Our friendship and inspiration is authentic. Everything we put in our clothes directly derives from conversations we have with one another. There are little things that other people my not know the story behind, but we know what they mean. We’re packaging and selling that product as is to our consumers. We know what it is to be a dime–we’ve been dimes since babies.

Lisa: We’re organic and everything we do is organic. We’ve been doing a brand before we even knew what we were doing. We were connecting with people from the beginning; we’re a lifestyle brand that is also our reality.

Sakara: Being that we are a female street wear brand, there’s a whole open market for that and we are the authenticity of that street wear. We are the hustlers. We aren’t the girls who are putting the hustlers on the t-shirts; we live that lifestyle. We have so many goals and aspirations as far as being females. We don’t just represent the video vixens or the streets. We are intelligent, educated and represent so much more for the 2014 female that doesn’t exist.

What’s the future for the brand?

Sakara: The future for the brand is to be in touch internationally. We already have international sales all over the world, which freaks me out everyday but to grow even further than that and to connect with all those women around the world and show our story.

Photo: Jasmine Gonzalez
Shia & Lisa Make Up: Jennifer Ashley
Sakara Make Up: Nikkie
Stylist: Sankara McCain
Hair:  Teri Ann Paris

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