Dymes Only: Meet The Women Behind The Statement Making Brand



Does Ashanti being your sister hinder people’s thoughts on how hard you guys actually work?

Shia: Anybody that knows me knows I don’t use my sister for a lot of things. Everything we do for Dymes Only is solely independent. The funding for everything comes out of pocket. We have no investors right now and everything is literally grassroots.

Lisa: People that know us and people that don’t can see that we really hustle for our own. Everything we do is for us. If we were a label, we would be an independent label right now. There is no machine behind us.

Sakara: It never really annoyed us because we were so confident. Whether they knew or didn’t know, we were like “we’re going to get it done regardless.”

There’s also a similar brand in L.A. Do people ever get confused?

Sakara: Maybe some people by hearing it will get confused, but now we’ve created such a staple. We haven’t even really gotten deep into it yet like our pieces that are really dope and will set us apart.  I think people see the difference.

If you guys could have anybody be the face of the brand, dead or alive, who would it be?

All: Aaliyah because she was that around the way, tomgirl, but she had trends and people followed those trends.

How has your individual style evolved?

Sakara: I was always jazz; I love the jazz look. Lisa was always classic, and Shia was classic but sexy.

How would you want your brand to read off to other women?

All: It reads culture, strength, confidence and sexy.

Would you want majority of your sales to go to confident women or women that are seeking confidence?

Shia: Women that aren’t confident only because that’s a stamp that what we’re producing as a brand makes them feel like that’s what I need in order to be confident. The women who are confident will probably be in it already but the other women are looking at it like that’s what I need to get confidence.

Photo: Jasmine Gonzalez
Shia & Lisa Make Up: Jennifer Ashley
Sakara Make Up: Nikkie
Stylist: Sankara McCain
Hair:  Teri Ann Paris

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