Ed Sheeran Channels Justin Timberlake On New Pharrell-Produced Single ‘Sing’


It was clear that Ed Sheeran was intent on expanding his musical horizons when he collaborated with Lupe Fiasco on hip-hop gem “Old School” and teamed up with Martin Garrix on an as-yet unnamed club banger but “Sing” still comes as something of a surprise. The lead single from the Brit’s much-anticipated sophomore set is a jaunty blue-eyed soul anthem in the mold of Justin Timberlake circa Justified.

The catchy track brings back memories of JT’s “Like I Love You”, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that they were both produced by the omnipresent Pharrell. “Sing” bears all of the hitmaker’s trademark ticks — multiple hooks, a driving bassline, staccato beats — as well as a splash of the currently hot disco trend (there are overtones of The Rolling Stones‘ “Miss You”). It’s a big change but Ed pulls it off admirably.

Listen to his latest single on Idolator