EDM Artist Plants His Own Music Into Justin Bieber CDs


Beliebers across Los Angeles were pranked in a big way this April Fools Day. Electronic artist Paz found a creative, yet daring, way to get his music out on April 1 by replacing 5,000 copies of Justin Bieber’s Believe album with his own CDs at stores like Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

THR reports each CD had 13 tracks off his most recent work, From The Bottom Of My Heart To The Top Of Your Lungs, accompanied by his own artwork on the back cover.

Paz says it was more than just a publicity stunt. “The general idea is that retail stores make it almost impossible for independent musicians to get their music in there,” said Paz. “I’ve always believed that retail stores can be the best outlets and ambassadors for independent music. They just choose not to be and sell the same recycled (expletive). We thought if they’re going to lock their doors to independent musicians, we’re just going to knock them down and get our music in there.”

Read more about the prank here.