Eric Bellinger Says People Took His Song ‘I Don’t Want Her’ Too Literal


VIBE paid R&B crooner Eric Bellinger a visit at his North Hollywood, Calif studio where he shared how he came up with the inspiration and concepts for some of his tracks off of his 32-track album The ReBirth that dropped in February. Sharing that his songs reflect on his life and personal relationships that he went through, the Los Angeles native also talked about his hit single “I Don’t Want Her” and all of the reviews he received after the song hit the radio waves with people claiming he was very shallow for his song lyrics.

“See a lot of people took the song as I don’t want her very literal,” says Eric. “I got some people that love it, and I got some girls that were like oh my God he’s so shallow, if she’s not beautiful then he doesn’t want her. But it’s like, it’s not just the outer apprearance. You know,I feel like, a woman’s confidence can come across from the way she walks, the way she enters a room. I just feel like that can be sexy in itself. You know, if they’re not looking, if they’re not checking for her, if she doesn’t have her head on her shoulders, it’s not just about her face, or her butt, or her tits. It’s just an overall thing, I want her, I want women to admire her. That’s all it is, it could be your work ethic, it could be your job, career. Take it how you want.”

For those who want to know all about Eric, listen to The ReBirth which he says is pretty much the blueprint to his life.