Event Review: Steve Angello Commemorates A #Decade Of #Size


When speaking about the longevity of an artist in the electronic music industry, some of the bigger names have been spinning the massive web in the scene and manage to surpass the 10-year mark, but few can claim they’ve invested as much time, work, and dedication into their own label as worldwide superstar, Steve Angello. This year during Miami Music Week and one day before Ultra Music Festival 2014, he chose to celebrate a decade of Size Matters music by throwing a monumental 5,000 fan packed show outside in the yard of the decommissioned RC Cola Plant nestled in the trendy Wynwood Arts District of Downtown Miami.

Having been on a steady rise to being one of the most acclaimed labels in the EDM industry, Angello on behalf of SIZE openly thanked his fans for the prosperity of SIZE and it’s success by dedicating the “DECADE” show specifically to the fans: “SIZE belongs to you and SIZE belongs to me. So to mark our 10 years, we have decided the right thing to do is to give it all to you.”

The DECADE event was one of the hottest and most sought after shows during MMW, with it being a life long culmination of the incredible success of SIZE records and their stacked label thus far. The artist roster boasted Thomas Gold, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, AN21 & Max Vangelli, Norman Doray & Arnocost, Third Party, Tim Mason, Nari & Milani, and the man himself, Steve Angello to headline.

Selecting the Wynwood Arts District specifically for the creative aurora, which surrounds it, and the venue for it’s vast open yard to comfortably pack in as many SIZE heads as possible; DECADE truly gave fans exactly what they were looking for. Angello did not jump right into things, instead, massaged the crowd with intense and suspenseful chords strung together. Breaking into the melody of “Show Me Love” still keeping feet on toes, telling a story of respect for the music and showing appreciation for his fans, speakers exploded with “Russian Gods” vs “Knas.”

Continued throughout his set playing not only SIZE artists but also, many Angello set favorites from myriad producers. Closing the magical event out by bringing all the SIZE members to the stage and thanking the fans for their support this past decade while “Children Of The Wild” played out by ending the show on a feel-good high note. Steve Angello definitely earned a rightful spot in the House Of Fame for his DECADE of music.