Exclusive: Benny Benassi Talks New Track With John Dahlbäck


As Benny Benassi and John Dahlbäck gear up for their first collaborative track together, “Blink Again,” set for release next month on Ultra Music, we sit Benassi down for quick fire Q&A about what we can expect from the dance music stalwarts’ new offering…

Why did you decide to collaborate with John?
Benny Benassi: Well we wanted to create something that would cause a bit of a stir. John told me that “Blink” was inspired by me, so it only seem fit that we come together and create ‘Blink Again’. Hopefully everyone will like it!

Describe this song in one sentence.
Dirty, sweet fun!

Who did played what role in the creation of this collab? Explain the process...
We kept sending each other different edits of the track until we were both happy with it. It kept going back and forth for ages! I’m really happy with how its come out though, it feels like it was a long time ago now.

What are your plans this summer festival season?
Alle and I are going to release a new album so we are planning to play around the world at all the different festivals and in Ibiza too!

It’s your last night on earth… what are you doing?
I’d probably spend the day with my family and maybe a bit of cycling!

Cop “Blink Again” here.