Fail of the Week: New Company Wants to Slim Your Selfie with ‘SkinneePix’


Are you guilty of taking dozens of selfies before deciding on which one is worthy of posting? Pretty Smart Women, LLC is stirring up controversy with its recently released “SkinneePix”–an app that removes weight from your frame before posting.

“All we heard people say was ‘delete that, don’t you dare tag me in that, this is horrible.’ After the last vacation, we were like we can do something about this. You’ve always heard about the camera adding 15 pounds, we just wanted to level the playing field,” says its creators.

That’s right–for just $.99, you can give yourself a digital makeover and decieve followers into thinking it’s the real you. Second only to the infamous “thigh gap,” we think this is the wrong way to promote self confidence in millenial adolescents that often measure their worth by the number of “likes” they can acquire.

We’ve got to do better! Master your spring selfie the right way here.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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