The Game’s Ex-Fiance Allegedly Files Restraining Order Against Rapper


The Game’s ex-fiance is definitely not playing any games. Tiffney Cambridge has reportedly filed a restraining order against the Compton rapper, TMZ reports.

The news comes just days after Game was accused of attacking the mother of his children last month during a heated argument, which allegedly resulted in Cambridge’s nose being broken. Game has since insisted that he never laid a finger on her.

The order states that Game must stay at least 100 yards away from her, though he’s still allowed to see his kids on the weekends.

The “Celebration” rapper reportedly went off on Instagram about the ordeal, according to Bossip:

“Most importantly, they are MY CHILDREN & we deserve to be in each other’s lives forever. What jibndof rson would get in the middle of someone’s devoted fatherhood whem there are countless women out here that are raising these children on their own with no one to help. You would think a father that loves his children the way I do would be the keast bit appreciated & not have to beg someone to see his own children. I have worked so hard at being a good parent only to have it taken away by someone who cares not about me, nor the welface of our children but nly about themselves. All of this just so you can keep me away from Justice on his birthday. What lie y’all gone tell em’ when his Daddy aint there? Like I have been the past 6 birthdays? The past 6 Christmas’s?The past 6 years of a sons lie whom got his name from a father that patiently awaitd his arrival here into this world??? & Cali….I’m not even done start….I will end this by saying…Daddy loves you…Misses you…. & will always be here no matter what happens. I am a REAL FATHER.”

He has since deleted the post. A hearing for their domestic dispute case is still pending.