Gentlemen’s Corner: Jacquees on Indie Success and Working With Chris Brown


At just 5’4″, Atl crooner, Jacquees, is more than a cute cliche. Not only is this small package producing big things, he’s full of talent and charisma to match. With the release of his new EP, 19 (a nod to his age) and a co-sign from Chris Brown, Jacquees is ready to take over your airwaves this summer. We caught up with this artist on the rise for a glimpse into his humble beginnings.
VIBE Vixen: Do you remember the moment you realized that you could sing?

Jacquees: I was 9 years old. I was watching movies with my cousins and we were watching The Temptations movie and imitating it and I just bust out and tried to do it and it sounded good. After that I got into a talent show and I won. That’s when I knew I wanted to do it for real.

What do you think separates you from the pack?
My looks, period. When you see Jacquees you think that I’m gonna get up there and rap but when I start singing and get up there dancing and moving and I start doing what I do, you’ll be like “Oh my god.”  I like the reaction that I get.

Who are some of the artists that inspired you to make music?
Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown; just everybody who did what I did. I was also inspired by TLC and 2Pac. I feel like I took little pieces and created my own learning from them.