Gentlemen’s Corner: Jacquees on Indie Success and Working With Chris Brown


Most of the songs on the EP have interesting song titles along with subject matter. Let’s talk “Destiny’s Child.” What inspired that song and title?
That’s one of my favorite songs on the EP. We was just in the studio and we had the beat and I just had a melody. I had one line (Singing) “I just want her badder than Beyoncé.” I knew we had that line and I just remember after we got to the hook, everything started falling together. I said let’s make this about Kelly [Rowland] cause I always had a crush on Kelly.
Ok, next song. “Future Baby Momma.” The artwork suggests that song is about Ciara. How did that song come about?
At first the song was nothing about Ciara, but after we did the record we was listening to it and we thought “let’s do something clever.” We saw that Future and Ciara was getting ready to have a baby and my team came up with that idea. It was dope because it gives you a different illusion about the song.
Have you gotten any feedback from either Future or Ciara about the track?
Not yet (laughs). I’ma holla at Future cause that would be dope if I could get him on the remix.
“IDGAF” is an explicit song about infidelity in relationships. Have you ever found yourself in a real life situation like that?
Of course. Coming from where I’m from, you deal with situations like that. I always draw from real life situations. I feel like on that song I just let out a lot of emotions. That’s what it was. I actually just shot the video for that. It’ll be out soon.
What was it like working with Chris Brown on “Won’t Turn It Down?”
That was my first time in the studio with Chris. It was fun. It was super fun because it’s something I always wanted to do. It was something I’ll never forget. That’s my big brother. I love him.
Chris has said you’re about to take over the game. That’s a huge compliment coming from him. Do you feel any pressure to live up to that?
No, I don’t feel no pressure. I feel like with the right direction, I’ll be good. I don’t feel any pressure because I’m just having fun. Doing what I love and people love it so it’s cool.
The ladies are going crazy over you. Do you have any wild fan stories yet?
It’s getting crazy now because I’m getting older. (Laughs) This past weekend, this girl wanted me to sign her shirt and I’m trying to sign it and she wanted me to sign her titties. (Laughs) It gets crazy.