Gentlemen’s Corner: Jacquees on Indie Success and Working With Chris Brown


Are you single?
Yes I’m single.
What type of women are you attracted to? I know you said you want her badder than Beyoncé, what’s badder than that?
I like all girls. I don’t have a type. If I kick it with you and I like you, then that is what it is. When I say I want her badder than Beyoncé, it’s because Beyoncé say she only need one man to make her feel like she’s the shit. I like that. (Laughs) Let me make you feel like you’re the baddest one.
Your EP debuted at 15 on the Billboard R&B chart, which is a huge accomplishment considering you don’t have a deal yet. How does it feel to know that you were able to do it independently and still be successful?
Back in January I predicted I would have a hit song on Billboard, but it’s crazy because now I have a whole album on there. That’s crazy. It’s a blessing. I have a lot of supportive fans out there. That’s going on my wall. It’s a huge accomplishment. I’m thankful. I feel like everyone is starting to open up their eyes.

Are there any labels that have reached out to you now with all of the attention?
I won’t say no names but they calling.

Do you ever get time to go back home to ATL? If so, what is the reception like?
I’m in the hood right now. It’s all love over here. Fans will get out their car and come up to me for an autograph. It’s cool. I don’t let it go to my head, but it’s fun.

With all of the recent success who keeps you grounded?
Everybody around me. They don’t let me do nothing crazy. They still talk to me like I’m Jacquees. I don’t have no ‘yes’ men around me. I ain’t going down the drain no time soon with these people around me.
What’s next for Jacquees? What should we be expecting?
A lot more visuals from the EP. I got more crazy records so we might do a 19 deluxe for the fans.
And lastly, what do you have to say to your fans and your supporters out there?
Thank you to everybody. All my fans. Team Jacquees, you know I love ya’ll. Without ya’ll I would be nobody. I thank y’all for letting me live my dream. I’ma keep giving ya’ll that good music.