Gentlemen’s Corner: King Los on Family, Fame, and FaceTime



VIBE Vixen: How was the response been for Zero Gravity II?

King Los: It’s been pretty good, it’s platinum on People like it for the most part.

Do you feel like your still underrated?

I don’t know what it means to be underrated. I can’t really grasp the concept, to know what that means to be underrated. I guess that’s perception from people to people, so it’s no absolute way to be underrated. People say I’m the best rapper alive and I guess other people don’t. I may be not as known as I should be, but underrated, I get the highest of accolades as far as my craft goes.

If you were to battle rap somebody, who would you feel is a worthy opponent.

Eminem because he’s great. He’s loves to battle. I would say Cannibus but he’s not as into it as he used to be. Eminem is highly competitive and it would be more so about lyricism and not cars and shit. It would be more about who’s the better MC.

Do you feel as though people are getting more praised for talking about the glam life instead of talent.

No. You should because it’s a lifestyle that’s generated from what you say. It’s actually dope if you can say something about a car and have that car in a couple years. It’s like what God did. He said ’let there be light’—you have to speak that into existence.  It all starts with a thought, so if you say, ‘I don’t have this, I’ll never have this then you won’t.’ It’s not just about the glorification of certain things but there’s lifestyles that people know and things that certain people identify with more than others and that’s going to be the thing they talk about it more than most. I can’t knock anybody because we all have our moments. I don’t think nothing’s wrong with celebrating success.  If you have a [Mercedes] Benz talk about it because you didn’t have it at one point.