Gentlemen’s Corner: King Los on Family, Fame, and FaceTime


King Los

VV: Will you be dropping an album at all or sticking to mixtapes?

KL: I think I’m going to put out an album but it’s really no difference if I put out a mixtape that’s completely original material. Only thing that’s different is the name. It’s like if we were together for 10 years and I could say you’re my girlfriend, but [if you never were] what’s the bases on how we differentiate the two, we live together, what’s the difference, a title? It’s a lot of silly shit going on in the world, I just don’t have the time for it. I had 4 projects that are completely different; it takes the same amount of time as an album, the same amount of thought. People look at that in so many different ways, it’s all perception. It’s all like if you have a record deal, it’s all these things that people expect to see. It’s all fantasy.

With the album comes more awards, do you care about that?

The things that make your fans love you first are not albums. The albums is the reward of them riding with you for years. The person that they want is in that mixtape. When your doing an album a lot of times they don’t get the person they fully want because the business aspect of everything kicks in and it changes you slightly, but it has to. Certain things you have to abide by, certain sounds you have to put out there to sonically grasp masses and sometimes it’s not that raw person that everybody fell in love with on a mixtape. There are all these things that go a certain way but you can shift paradigms if you want to. You don’t have to do any convention methods of success you can predict anything.

Are there any wedding bells in the future?

Sure. I’m not a psychic but definitely the future. Absolutely for certain, the future. I’m just dealing with things one step at a time.

Do you want to have more kids?

Oh yeah, girls and boys.


I don’t know. I didn’t plan my first child because then you put limits and clocks on stuff and you create the opportunity to be disappointed. People put clocks and countdowns on shit they can’t live up to; don’t do that. You have someone enjoy them, make them feel special, enjoy them and the time they have. I remember being with a girl and time allotted us a title and I don’t even speak to the girl to this day and we were together for a long time.

Photo Credit: Instagram