Gentlemen’s Corner: King Los on Family, Fame, and FaceTime


King Los

Lessons Learned:

Lesson learned from Failure:

Everything. You only learn from failure, you can’t learn from something you did right. Failure is the system that teaches you.

Lesson learned from Success:

Successful people hang around successful people, they don’t want to take on the burdens of others—they avert from that. You can become non-successful if you overindulge in mediocrity. Surround yourself with the wrong people and you can loss your whole shit. I learned succesful people, the wealthy people have all wealthy friends and broke people have broke friends.

Lesson learned from exes:

That you can be unhappy and not know it

Lesson learned from Lola Monroe:

How to be a true friend. We were friends first, real friends, like best friends. And then we kicked it on a different level but we were like best friends for a year straight. A lot of people don’t have real life stand up friends because your friends shouldn’t do some suspect things.

 Lesson learned from Diddy:

So much but how to be humble, how to lose an argument, how to empower other people and still be the successful one. A lot of secrets and maneuvers, he’s crazy, he’s ill with it and wise.

Lesson learned from the music industry:

That it’s a trap.

Lesson learned from Brixton:

That if I “dumb” down my lyrics for a larger audience to be more receptive of what I’m saying, that doesn’t mean I’m dumbing down my lyrics, it just makes me a great communicator. That’s what I learned from Brixton because by having a baby you have to speak to them a certain way so they can understand you. It’s steps to it and certain dialects they understand, so I look at people the same way. If I can communicate with my son and get him to understand what I’m saying and he can’t even speak than I’m a great communicator. If I claim to be a great communicator but there’s people that can’t grasp my concepts or messages because they’re too intricate then I failed as a great communicator. So if I “dumb” down so to speak, it doesn’t make me less than what I am, it makes me greater because I’m reaching a larger audience which is smarter than only one group that’s able to be receptive to my message.

Lesson learned from growing up with less:

That it’s fucked up. Not having nothing is fucked up.

Lesson learned from falling in love:

You grow into love; you don’t just fall in love. Because to fall in love is a sudden thing, its not like that, its more like growing to bond with someone to the point where the person fits you through thick and thin, you can’t just prove love, its not even real. That’s where most people are fucking up. They try to fall in love and you can’t fall in love you have to grow in it.

Photo Credit: Instagram