Interview: EDX Talks Miami And A New Sound


During the craziness of WMC/MMW, VIBE sat down with Swiss DJ-Producer- EDX to arise questions about his recent releases, ‘EDX’s’ sound and where exactly the state of electronic dance music stands today.

Maurizio Colella, being a dance music veteran- has quite a lot to say about the industry evolving and where it’s headed. Catch the head-to-head below and listen to EDX’s recent release, ‘Cool You Off’ out on BeatPort now.

VIBE: How long have you been a part of WMC/MMW?
EDX: For like seventeen years… When it started out, it was just like one hotel, one pool- a get together for a relatively small amount of people. Now it’s the big festival, pool parties, and a place for the raging music lover generation. It’s changed, but it’s still a get together for the community and the industry. It’s like a spring break for EDM lovers, you know?

Do you have any favorite clubs or venues around the area?
There are a lot of venues. I try to play more pool parties because I’m back and forth playing regular venues throughout the year. So I enjoy playing the pool parties more around this time.

What future projects have you been working on? Having recently heard, ‘Cool You Off’ on your Soundcloud, what kind of sound are you trying to establish now?
I’ve been trying to incorporate the “EDX sounds” that I started in 2007. It’s a little bit slower but I still want to ensure that you can feel the signature EDX sound so people can still vibe to my more progressive, big room stuff that I’ve made this past year. It’s all turning out really well and it has been a nice journey. I’m going a little bit deeper while maintaining my sound.

That deeper sound has become more popular these days, it’s always been around but do you think it’s attracting bigger crowds now? More traction?
Yeah the ‘EDM’ sound is known for being this hard style, big room sound, so playing it out a little bit slower is bringing it back, making it more emotional. I feel like I’m kind of going back to the classics for ‘EDX’.

What are ‘EDX’s’ plans for the rest of the year regarding future tracks, etc.?
I have a remix of a song called “Human” by Christina Perri and it’s just being released. It’s an in-your-face kind of mix but it has the full ‘EDX’ vibe. It’s more for clubs and festivals. I’m also working on a new remix for Cash Cash, and a lot of originals… I haven’t planned for the second half of the year yet, but it just comes down to working in the studio. There will definitely be a lot of new music coming from ‘EDX’.