Interview: Lil’ Herb Discusses Working With Nicki Minaj, New Collaboration With Common


Coming off a strong debut mixtape, Welcome to Fazoland, Chicago’s Lil’ Herb caught the ears of the masses when Nicki Minaj surprised her fans with a new collaboration with the kid. Dubbed “Chi-Raq,” the gritty record features Nicki Minaj using Herb’s flow, and it definitely put the young’n on the map. Recently, VIBE caught up the newcomer to discuss his biggest look to date. –Mikey Fresh VIBE: How has life changed for you since you dropped your debut mixtape? Lil Herb: It’s been good but I’m just trying to stay humble. I’ve been working on new music, and I got a couple of fellas about to come out with me. My boy Juelz Santana just came through Chicago so I’m a try to get back out to New York. Everybody wants to know if you have a label situation yet, or are you still independent? I’m just Independent for now, doing me. I’m just keeping my options open, really, I’m trying to get into the best situation. I’m not really in a rush so I’m just working and going hard. Smart man. It seems like you and Bibby are the new hottest kids out now from the ‘Go. I mean, we started together and Bibby always been my bro before rap. We from the same hood and we go hard for the same people, rapping for the same purpose. Bottomline is that Bibby is family. Before we rapped we use to play basketball together and hang out in the street. And obviously, your new collaboration with Nicki Minaj “Chi-Raq” was your biggest look yet. Did she hit you up directly? How did that even happened? It’s crazy, man. She hit me up and reached out to me. I was in the studio recording at probably like 1:00 AM. We really didn’t even know if they were serious but they followed up and wanted to fly me out the next day. But I was tied up at the time so I went like a week later. She cool people, though, down to earth and she real comfortable with me. So you actually got in the studio with her? Yeah, we were in the studio together, just vibing. Nicki is cool people for real. Is there any chance you guys have another song together? Did you guys record anything else that day? Nah, we just recorded that one song but I want to work with her again, and I’m sure she’ll reach out again. It opened a lot of doors for me. I couldn’t believe it when I heard her using your flow. Honestly, have other artists reached out after Nicki? [Laughs] Yeah, I’m just talking to other artists now. I did a song with Common for his album. I might do some stuff with Rich Homie Quan. I’m open to people, whoever want to work with me. Are you thinking about doing any big remixes? Your boy Bibby told me he had some big ones on deck. What you think I should do a remix to? I never really gave it too much thought. That one joint about your mama. I think you should put Jeezy on there or Lil’ Boosie for some real heartfelt shit. Yeah, true. If I could I would definitely would work with them.