Interview: Mets Outfielder Curtis Granderson Dishes On Derek Jeter, David Wright And New Expectations


Mets fans are a strong bunch. Every year they get their hopes and, usually, by the time fall hits, those dreams of a successful season are more faded than Sammy Sosa’s pigment. Actions speak volumes and the offseason acquisition of former New York Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson is reason enough for New York Metropolitans fans to keep hope alive. The good folks at New Era invited us to their Home Of The Authentic event at Lids in Time Square to talk to the Mets new star outfielder.

I know beat writers have to make a big deal about things to tell stories sometimes and you did have a rough start this week, but it’s a long season. Don’t you think they’re jumping the gun?

It’s one game. Whether it’s good or bad, no matter what happens on the first day, tomorrow is a new day and you have to reset and forget with the best of them.

The Mets fan base and the Yankees fan base are like night and day in terms of expectations. One group wont accept anything less than pennants and championships, while the other just wants a 90 win season. What’s something you’ve noticed that’s different between them?

I’d say that Mets fans, the number of Mets fans are coming out of hiding. They can say they’re fans of the team more now than in previous years. Not necessarily because of me or anything, but I do think I’ve helped add to the optimism. That makes it easier to be a fan, because they don’t always get the same experience that Yankees fans get.

They’re usually disappointed even from the start of new seasons, but there’s a new excitement behind your signing, right?

Yeah, every team has a chance to be better the next year. Over the past 13 seasons, only a few teams have ever repeated as World Series Champions. There’s usually new contenders each year and different teams make the post-season. Any of the the 30 ball clubs have a chance at success and the fans know that. It keeps everything exciting.