Interview: Rick Fox Talks Final Four, Lakers Dynasty and More


Remember when the Los Angeles Lakers were good? No, I mean really good. Like Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal three championships in a row good. Current NBA Analyst Rick Fox has vivid memories of the Lake Show success, because the Canadian born, Bahamian bred baller was a huge party of it. We caught up with Fox to talk about the glory days in L.A., another place he calls home, the NCAA Final Four and his new series on NBA player lives off the court.

You’re a part of my favorite childhood NBA memories with those Laker Dynasty teams of the early 2000’s. You also gave one of the best one liners in movie history in He Got Game: Brooklyn is in the house (laughs). Given your experience in Hollywood, do you think that’s why you were able to make a seamless adjustment from on court to analyst?

I think being on camera for a huge part of my playing days played a factor. I also went to school for broadcasting and communications, so that played it in as well. My mindset was always to go from in front of the camera as a player to an actor and later as a host. That’s why I really appreciate the opportunity with American Express to talk to NBA players and learn more about their lives. As a long-time card carrier, I think it’s a great thing that they’re doing with the NBA and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Oh yeah, you’re good (laughs). That’s a great segue into my next question about what it is exactly you’re doing with American Express. Please tell our readers more about the program.

With American Express Off The Court, we want to give fans a better look into what the players off-court interests are and the show allows us to do that. During my career, fans didn’t know what my own personal joys were or what type of music I liked and how that inspired me before games. Showcasing the flushed off-court talents of Rajon Rondo and DeMarr DeRozan and retired guys like Grant Hill, I’ve gotten to know them better personally. I recruited Grant Hill to come to North Carolina and I didn’t get to take him on a recruiting trip like I did for Jesus Shuttlesworth, but maybe i’d have an NCAA championship or two if I did because he has two.


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