Interview: Sean C And LV Talk Helping New Artists With ‘Loud Dreams Vol.1′


After years of crafting hits for hip-hop heavyweights like Jay Z, Big Pun and Puff Daddy, super producers Sean C. and LV decided to give their own project a shot.

The duo’s first official album, Loud Dreams vol. 1 fuses an all-star cast comprised of Bun B, Styles P, Pusha T, Fabolous, and others with Red Bull Sound Select artists like Charlie RED. Tracks like “Tomorrow May Never Come” and “Where’s Your Leader” pose the vets against the newcomers perfectly. But the selection process wasn’t so simple.

“We worked with people that we respected and we really liked and thought they fit our sound of music or we could fit a sound around them – those are the people that we picked,” explained Sean C. “As far as new artists, Red Bull gave us a list of a roster from Red Bull Sound Select and we listened to a lot of the music and picked some of the people that we thought was a good fit, like Charlie RED. We thought they were a very good fit for us and it would be dope to pair them with different artists. The other artists that aren’t Red Bull Sound Select artists are artists that we just felt like we needed a page to begin on.”

The platinum-record producers also have a lecture series in store, based on their new album. The event will cater to aspiring beatsmiths and creative individuals interested in a career in music.

“I don’t think it’s ever been done before, where you put out music and then you do a lecture behind it,” said LV. “Red Bull has been great with providing that. We’re going to be able to talk to these kids and hopefully give them some inspiration, the same way we got inspired when we first started. “

Both Harlem natives can agree that events like this are important. Mainly, because they provide young people with an opportunity to meet the artists that they aspire to be like, learn from their mistakes and struggles, and realize it can be done.

“That’s exactly what started my inspiration for the album,” said LV. “I just wanted to give new artists a shot. They might need to do that vocal over again or maybe they sound better with music like this… All of that is important to this generation coming up because I feel like they don’t have that. They’re just doing music on their own and they don’t have anybody there to coach them.”

“Loud Dreams is uplifting, it’s motivational, get it done, “Sean C. chimes in. “Keep dreaming and if you want to work at something, work at it and just do it. Whatever it is.”

Loud Dreams vol. 1 is available now via and the coinciding lecture series will begin March 26 on the campus of NYU. – Christopher Harris