Interview: Yogi Talks Working With Pusha T And Gives #EZOO14 Deets


With a debut EP out May 5 and a single aside G.O.O.D. Music recording artist- Pusha T, not much is known about new trap/bass group, YOGI. Breaking things down about the trio, VIBE got to chat with 1/3 of it to figure out more than the 5 things we found out about them late last year.

Consisting of Blake, i/O and Yogi- the up-and-comers are here to make some killer moves with their hip-hop background and distinct tastes. Believe us when we say this- these dudes are the epitome of the-next-big-thing. Find out some crazy stuff about where the guys are headed next (Electric Zoo?!), their Pusha T collaboration and whom they’re targeting to collaborate with next. Hint: It’s probably your favorite rapper.

VIBE: Because the tracks you produce surpass normal trap and bass, how would you describe your sound?
Yogi: The best way to describe it is just to take different elements of everything and kind of just tear it up. It’s like ransom-ness. Because like ransoms, it’s like taking letters off of a newspaper and a different magazine- that’s what we’re trying to do with our music. It’s like taking different elements and making things out of it.

So for example the track, ‘Christian Bale’… where did the name come from?
When we made it Christian Bale did this thing, I think he was filming on the Batman set and went off on somebody so that was the inspiration for that beat.

Speaking of original tracks, you guys only have two aside from your remixes and already such a huge fan base. What’s next for you guys?
We got a few big tracks coming, another remix at the moment and a big single to follow that as well. We can’t wait for everyone to hear that as well.

Everyone freaked out over the Pusha T collab, how did that come about?
I made the beat a couple of years ago and when we were doing the deal with OWSLA, a guy from OWSLA took it and said he could get rappers on it so he took it to Push and Push was feelin’ it and he did his verses and sent it back. Unfortunately I wasn’t in the studio with him so we just kind of made the beat and sent it to him and he sent his vocals back and I had some changes that went back to him and then he made some and sent it back again.

So is working with rappers something you guys want to do more of?
Definitely. 100%.

Are you trying to have your foot in both the rap and dance music worlds?
I want to manage the two worlds together. I feel like the whole electronic trap thing has come from hip-hop anyway so it makes sense to kind of try and mold that back, get rappers on it and blend the two worlds together.

There’s not much people know about you guys. Did you start out wanting to be a part of the dance music industry?
We just wanted to make music. I’ve been making music here in London for a while. We had a couple of hits out here in the hip-hop kind of world where we were kind of merging the trap world before it was happening there and then it just made sense to kind of make some ties in America and take our sound over there.

Having just come back from a mini-tour, when can people see you next?
We’re trying to sort out Electric Zoo in New York so definitely some gigs around there.

What do you deliver in your live sets?
In the live sets I’m basically taking a lot of electronic stuff and I’m mashing it together with a lot of hip-hop stuff so it’s like taking a lot of hip-hop vocals and mashing it up with a lot of dance music. Trying to merge those two kinds of worlds, taking loads of acapella’s and putting beats in it.

What are some rappers that you guys would want to collaborate with?
Kanye, Kendrick, Jay-Z… you could throw Drake in there as well and Lil Wayne.

Having already worked with Pusha T, these guys may be working with any one of these rap gods next. Check the lyric video for ‘Burial’ below.