Ja Rule To Detail His Highs & Lows In New Book ‘Unruly’


Ja Rule is looking to murder the book biz with his new memoir titled Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man.

The rapper/songwriter/actor, né Jeffrey Atkins, will spill ink on his days as a young’un, being a rap star and becoming a man behind bars during his two-year federal prison stint.

According to the overview, “Unruly is two stories that offer one complete picture of a man and his world: the angry, fatherless rapper, Ja Rule who was “raised by the streets”; and Jeffrey Atkins, the insightful, reflective father and loyal husband who learned the hard way how to be a good man.”

Pre-order Unruly now on Barnes & Noble, and Amazon before it slaps shelves July 1.