James Franco Talks Spoofing Kimye, Says Kanye Called Him And Seth Rogen


There’s levels to spoofing Kimye, and James Franco and Seth Rogen have nailed it to a T… err, K.

While promoting his Broadway play Of Mice And Men, Franco suited up and stopped by Live! With Kelly and Michael Friday (April 4) to discuss their harebrained scheme of poking fun at #TheWorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple.

“It started as a little idea that Seth had when we were shooting another movie called The Interview in October,” he explained. “The video for ‘Bound 2′ came out and he’s like ‘We have to do a little bit of this.'”

“I was gonna be Kim [but] on the morning of, he was like, ‘No, no, no, it would be funnier if I was Kim.'”

Thus, the best “Bound 2″ parody of all time was born, along with the Vogue cover remix.

When asked if the Yeezus rapper and his wife-to-be had reached out to the funny tag team and if there would be a Kimye spoof sequel, Franco revealed that he had hopped on the phone with ‘Ye.

He said, “Well, that’s the next chapter. (Laughs) Kanye called me and Seth, and we thought, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Seth was like, ‘What? Are you gonna yell at us?'” It was surreal. [Kanye] was the sweetest guy. He actually had a proposal for the Seth, James, Kim and Kanye kinda thing. I think I can talk about this a little bit but it involves Paris and his wedding. I woulda done it just to do it.”

After hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan pleaded to be Franco’s +1’s, the actor/director said, “If I do do it, I have to fly in and out on a private Kardashian flight.”