James Franco Tries to Hook Up With a 17-Year-Old


James Franco

James Franco took a page out of R Kelly’s playbook last night (April 2) when he tried to hook up with a 17-year-old girl.

The teen met Franco outside his Broadway show Of Mice and Men, where she filmed and tagged the actor on Instagram, at his request. He reportedly DMed her before continuing their convo via text messages.

The high school student supposedly made it clear that she was “nearly 18″ before he inquired about hooking up in a hotel. It also appears that the teen didn’t believe she was talking to the man of her dreams until he sent her a picture of himself holding a sign with her name on it. She eventually turned him down saying, “I’ll come back when I’m 18″ before posting the whole ordeal on Twitter.

It’s since been deleted but not before thousands of fans retweeted it and the Broadway star even tweeted a guilt-ridden, “I hope parents keep their teens away from me.”

There’s allegations this could be a clever hoax or he’s researching for his upcoming role in Palo Alto, in which he plays a soccer coach that has an affair with a teenager.

A rep from Franco’s camp has yet to respond.

Flip the page to see her evidence against him.