Jillionaire Talks New Video With Salvatore Ganacci (Ft. Sanjin) “Fresh”


Major Lazer member Jillionaire, along with Salvatore Ganacci’s track “Fresh” is quickly becoming an anthem with support from Skrillex and Dillon Francis. But the most determined support is likely from the dancers who twerked (and BACKFLIPPED) in the snow for the video “Fresh.”

Check out the Music Video for the most turnt-in-a-blizzard video of the year.

Chris Leacock (aka Jillionaire) on the inspiration behind his first music video:

“This being my first video I really wanted to capture the mid to late 90s NYC feeling as portrayed in the big budget, Hype Williams driven videos of that time. The “Flava In Ya Ear Remix” video with Biggie and LL turns ten this year and this was a big influence. This was the time when I really started watching videos on Video Soul, Rap City etc and NYC has always been somewhat of a home for me.”

On what he enjoyed the most about the experience:

“I think the most fun part of making this video was just working with friends. I bonded w Shomi and Chad on the set of “Lose Yourself” video which we all shot in Jamaica. It was Salvatore’s first time in NYC and I even got long time friend and Trinidadian dancer LaShaun Prescott to get in front of the camera. I’m really excited to share this with the world and am already looking forward to the next project.”