Judge Rejects Request To Dismiss Chris Brown’s D.C. Assault Case


Chris Brown stay losing.

The judge presiding over Chris Brown’s D.C. assault case has rejected the motion to have it dismissed, Huffington Post reports.

As reported earlier, Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos stated that the grand jury misused the grand jury process. Geragos later stated this case was “the most investigated misdemeanor of all time.”

Judge Patricia Wynn fired back, saying that she saw no issue with the jury’s process. “I am persuaded that there was no abuse,” Wynn said.

However, Judge Wynn has agreed to let Brown and his bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, be tried separately. Hollosy’s trial will began April 17 with Brown’s following right after.

Last year, Brown was charged for punching a man who wanted to take a photo with him. Hollosy has admitted that he was the one who assaulted the victim when he was forcing his way unto Brown’s tour bus.

Both of their cases will be decided on by a judge instead of a jury.

The “Loyal” singer, who is currently flying on Con Air for his D.C. case, could be facing some serious jail time if convicted.

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