Justin Bieber Detained In L.A.X.


Authorities won’t let the Biebs be great. Justin Bieber was detained by U.S. Customs officials at Los Angeles Airport for nearly four hours on Thursday afternoon (April 24).

Returning from a trip in Japan, where he also got into hot water while sightseeing with his mother, Pattie Mallette, the Canadian bad boy was ordered to stay in the airport for an unspecified reason. The “Confident” singer was finally allowed to leave LAX around 620pm with his four bodyguards on deck.

Booking it past the swarm of Beliebers and paps, J.B. climbed into one of the SUVs that were waiting for him outside the Tom Bradley International Terminal and was out.

No details on what Customs wanted to interrogate the Biebs about but some sources speculate it involves his outstanding charges, stemming from a DUI arrest in Miami earlier this year and an alleged assault on a limo driver in Toronto last December.