Kimye Wedding Location Revealed?


The world’s most talked about couple may have found a venue for their forthcoming nuptials next month.

While details are skim, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reportedly scoped out a chateau in France on Monday (April 14) that was just built in 2008 in Louveciennes, France, according to the Daily Mail.

The modern Chateau Louis XIV was made to resemble a traditional Victorian-age castle, equipped with a flushable toilet and non-hazardous candle lighting.

The Yeezus rapper and his wife-to-be are still putting the final touches on their wedding ceremony, set to take place May 24, after hitting a minor snag when French legislation required that foreign citizens must live in the country for a minimum of 40 days before exchanging vows.

Yeezy reportedly has owned an apartment for three years in France, but the Major will have the final say. Here’s to hoping he’s team KimYe.

Get the scoop on the chateau from Splash News below and see flicks of the potential wedding location here.